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the next great innovation adventure

a new frontier, a new economy, a new psyche


AsterIdea is a not-for-profit international forum, based in Paris, aiming at promoting and protecting Space.
It contributes to public debate through humanities, arts and fiction, which are too often missing from contemporay Space adventures.



Training curious minds

AsterIdea is active in schools, in higher education, but also in the near future in hospitals, detention centers and all places where Space issues should be shared more inclusively.


Enriching individual and collective imagination

AsterIdea promotes Space related works in multiple areas : fashion, philosophy, fine arts, architecture or literature.


Building a sustainable spatial ecosytems

AsterIdea believes that Space should always belong to mankind as a whole and that it should be administered in a more inclusive and sustainable manner.


AsterIdea needs you to reach out to new audiences and accomplish its mission.